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As a legal firm with over 65 years of experience, Daniel Lawyers & Associates has established its reputation in commercial litigation. We have one of the most renowned and coveted teams of commercial litigation lawyers across Melbourne. Our commercial lawyers have both the experience and skills to help clients navigate a variety of legal issues. The legal team at our firm follows a multidisciplinary approach for finding tailor-made solutions for clients who seek help with either a contract, regulatory compliance, or even in creating a start-up business. We ensure our clients a competent legal representation with keen attention to finer details as a firm.

Our approach usually involves one or more of the following techniques:

  • Mediation
  • Informal settlement conferences
  • Arbitration
  • Appointment of a single binding expert
  • Independent third-party evaluation

What is Commercial Litigation?

It is an area of law that encompasses the numerous types of disputes that can arise in a business context. It is also known as business litigation.

Furthermore, commercial law is the linchpin of laws that govern all business transactions. These laws meticulously focus on the responsibility of conduct among businesses and their employees, intellectual property, contractual obligations, business rights and behaviour, and several other aspects of business and commerce. Hence, there are often many overlaps between business, civil, and sometimes criminal matters.

Duties of a commercial lawyer:

  • Amending and drafting contracts
  • Representing clients at court
  • Conducting negotiations on behalf of clients
  • Overseeing as well as reviewing business mergers
  • Helping clients with the litigation process
  • Drafting commercial reports
  • Foreseeing legal concerns for clients

As a legal firm with commercial litigation specialists, we understand the various complexities and the spanning legal coverage of commercial law.

Therefore, we break down commercial law into smaller sub-categories to further focus on the client’s personal needs. We believe the best solutions can be found when cases are interpreted by a lawyer knowledgeable in a specific area of law.

Commercial law categories are:

Dispute Resolution:
Involves attempts to find resolutions for legal matters outside of court. It is usually done as per the requirement of the court itself.

Employment Law:
It includes matters related to the rights of employment for an employee. It also focuses on the legal requirements of a business.

Intellectual Property Law:
These laws govern the intellectual property of businesses as well as individuals.

Contract Law:
These are laws that govern contracts. These can involve situations where there are contracts that are written or verbal or even shook on.

Furthermore, with the firm’s extensive experience as a hub of leading commercial litigation specialists in Melbourne, we have learnt that litigation is vital to all affected parties. Moreover, as a firm, we understand that there is never a ‘win at all costs’ approach in many situations. However, there is always a desire to reach a more commercially acceptable outcome. It usually implies that both risk management as well as legal spending go hand in hand. We pride ourselves on finding various cost-effective legal mechanisms for resolving the disputes of our clients.

At Daniel Lawyers & Associates, we always uphold the interests of our clients. We seek to bridge the wants of clients with what is possible. This way, we partner with our clients by providing uncompromising legal representation focused on their wants instead of simply working for them.

We ensure that our clients completely understand that litigation is essentially a more combative path to dispute resolution. However, sometimes it is the necessary step. We ensure that our clients know that plaintiffs and defendants lose control over the outcome when a judge or court is involved.

Moreover, this is an expensive affair that uses expert witnesses, extensive discovery, and external counsel like the Queen’s Counsel. We are also mindful of the fact that clients will incur greater costs the longer the matter remains unresolved. These costs can involve both monetary as well as reputational damage or. As a firm, we are always prepared to provide honest advice to clients.

Our team of dispute resolution lawyers strive to manage the process with an eye for balancing costs and resources to optimise the prospects for gaining the best possible outcome. Find a commercial lawyer and get in touch with us on (03) 9687 3211 for 30-minute phone consultation or email us at


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Joanne is very diligent in making sure all legal aspects are fully satisfied. Easy to do business with. Happy with the probate support she provided.
Wes Kosior
Wes Kosior
I am very happy with the service provided to my business. Daniel Lawyers & Associates went out of their way to ensure all transactions fulfil with care. Highly recommend Daniel Lawyers Service to anyone/business. Thank you so much Sinan and the friendly team.
I have had a very good discussion with Sinan who explained absolutely everything is great detail. I have obtained all that I need to decide on how to proceed going forward. He's very nice and courteous and a good listener. Totally enjoyable session and I have no issues getting his service again if need be in the future. Regards, Khanh
khanh tran
khanh tran
Thank you very much It was a pleasure dealing with Danial lawyers (Sinan Daniel)
rasha suliman
rasha suliman
Joanne is one of the most polite, caring and understanding legal professionals I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with. She turned what looked like a non-winnable case into a successful case. I found her amazing, understanding and very considerate to the circumstances that had occurred. I would recommend her to anyone without a second thought. My sincere thanks Joanne.
Marie Paget
Marie Paget
Thankfully we have had very little dealings with lawyers so really wasn’t sure what to expect when engaging Joanne and her team to assist us with probate and the sale of our estate. I sent out several web enquiries and Joanne was only one of a very few that responded. So without hesitation we engaged the practise. Joanne is incredibly efficient with most emails literally getting answered within 30 seconds. She answers all queries with consummate professionalism and at no point have we been left wondering how things work during this very arduous process. Sometimes if we had forgotten to sign a form she would even send a staff member over to home to get us to sign. We have both been overwhelmed at her service and also the fees which are so much less then the bigger firms. We would recommend her and her team in a heartbeat.
Jas P
Jas P
Joanne was a very professional throughout my legal process and she was very confident when she was giving me the legal advise. I'm very satisfied customer and i wish Joanne very best in her business and her family.
kice markovski
kice markovski